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Long Exposure of an Airliner Lifting Off

Real life rainbow road sans any rainbows

This is totally the Hoober Bloob Highway:

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Enjolras u mad?

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Have you seen this masked cyclist?

Play #ooVoosGreatAdventure TOMORROW at noon ET on Twitter and you could win a bike! Play the game and unlock all four clues for a chance to win.

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May the best adventurer win!

I used to think that the best part of being an adult was finally “having it together.” Now I realize that adults who “have it together” are boring creatures who often die feeling unfulfilled. So make your life a big, sloppy mess. Fall in love without planning the wedding. Save for a rainy day, then create your own storms. Change your mind and change it back again. Do that thing you always wished you could be brave enough to do. Life is too short to be stuck in an endless loop of unhappiness.

My life plan, in the most succinct form possible. (via yogalarva)

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Red beret, milk, kick ass. 


interviewer: describe yourself in 4 words
me: automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, funky-fresh
interviewer: hired

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I need this.

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How I feel about Foursquare splitting into two apps.

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